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Difficult Coatings Made Possible – Reliable Optical Thin Film Coatings

DSI produces a wide variety of highly reliable, durable, and heat-resistant optical coatings. Our exclusive technologies and custom deposition chambers offer coatings from the Visible (VIS) through the longwave infrared (LWIR).

In addition to offering standard products, we work in close collaboration with our customers to develop innovative coatings that achieve specific
requirements. Known for our strong engineering services, we seek to understand your needs and provide creative solutions for real-world


The MicroDyn process is a short-throw reactive sputtering process. The process is highly flexible, with the capability to deposit metals,
metal oxides, nitrides, mixed materials with fixed or graded compositions, and semiconductor materials. Selected coatings are capable of
operating at temperatures as high as 1000°C and can withstand the thermal shock of direct transition from liquid nitrogen to boiling water.
MicroDyn® coatings, including complex filters, can be patterned using both contact masking and photolithography.

DSI has the expertise to participate at any level of your product development. From engineering to prototyping to full-scale manufacturing,
we will work with you to develop practical specifications, designs, and manufacturing techniques to meet your optical thin film coatings requirements.

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