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Amelia Earhart and the Lockheed Martin Electra


Kelly Johnson’s insights, and more than 70 wind tunnel tests confirmed a lack of stability in a single tail configuration of a new plane designed by Lockheed Martin in 1933.  Johnson recommended a twin-tail design placing the rudders directly behind each engine.  The Lockheed team created a twin-engine, twin-tail prototype, which far outperformed the initial design. It was called the Electra – named after a star in the Pleiades cluster.

The Electra attracted interest in smaller airlines by 1934, however, Lockheed wanted to attract the military and private plane enthusiasts as well.

Enter Amelia Earhart, the first woman to successfully undertake a transatlantic flight, which she navigated in a red Lockheed Vega, had her sights on a new goal…..

Watch the video to learn more about Amelia Earhart and the Lockheed Martin Electra.

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