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Advanced Materials & Thin Film Coatings

Deposition Sciences, Inc, (DSI®), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, is a premier supplier of Advanced Materials and Thin Film Coatings. Located in Santa Rosa, CA, our talented workforce provides the world’s best thin film optical coatings, products and services.

Our products include Sunshade thermal control material, space qualified materials and coatings, flexible sputtered coatings, ESD materials, beamsplitters, absorption coatings, aperture coatings, band pass filters, dark mirror coatings, cold mirrors, notch filters, long wave pass filter coatings, short wave pass filter coatings, edge/dichroic beamsplitters and custom thin film coatings.

Our proprietary MicroDyn® magnetron sputtering technology and photolithography processes provide the backbone for manufacturing durable, high performance thin film coatings in the UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR wavelength regions.

Industries include space, aerospace, aviation, commercial, and military customers. Applications include automotive LIDAR, biomedical, astronomy, military, homeland security, aviation, spacecraft, imaging, and ISR.

DSI is ITAR Registered and ISO:9001-2015 certified. We are also Cybersecurity (CMMC) Compliant, adhering to information protection control guidelines.

Working on a new design? Need help? Our technical staff and engineers are available to assist you. Reach out today to set up an appointment to talk through trade-offs, price drivers and timelines.

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Thin Film Coating Applications

No matter what the application, our specialized thin film optical coating solutions enable the precision performance.


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